Ad Schevers / CEO Audev

After completing his secondary education (nautical college), Jos was responsible for all computerised administration for the construction of the Dutch storm surge barrier, from 1978 to 1985. It was during that time that he first encountered the administrative software of Siemens.
From 1986 up to and including 1989 Jos worked for Siemens as a senior-consultant, specialised in Necas (a standard package specially designed for the automation of automotive businesses).
To take advantage of his experience in Automotive, Jos founded Audev in 1989, with his experienced team he managed to bring new and exciting products to this complex but fascinating market.

Wimco Driesse / CIO Audev

Wimco has been active in Automotive for more than 18 years. His first application in this industry was the development of a new sales module inside Necas. He was the first to join Audev after its foundation in 1989. In 1999 he became the Chief Information Officer, responsible for all new product development. For Europe, USA and Latin America.